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Construction & Engineering Services

Bundy Drones can help manage your worksite projects in Bundaberg and the Coral Coast. We will help you map, inspect and track the progress of your job site. Our construction drone services provide you with valuable aerial data giving deeper analytics and visual progress reports to stakeholders.  

Drainage Pipe Drone Photo

Asset Inspection

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Eliminate the expense of Scaffolding, scissor or boom lifts and inspect assets in the field with lower cost and lower liability. Our 3D modeling allows us to build a representation of your asset and to accurately measure and note any abnormalities or defects found. Future inspections can be overlaid to monitor the issues and treat them before they become costly problems.

Construction Progress Monitoring

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Keep projects on track. Our aerial photography services will help you make better decisions with drone data and visual project updates.

Orthomosaic Maps

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We can provide the highest quality imaging available for your worksite. Our geometrically accurate and highly detailed representations allow you to zoom in to view different parts of the building(s) under construction and other assets on the worksite.

3D Maps & Models

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Bundy Drones can provide 3D models of your site, and more including stockpile measurements. By utilising 3D models during construction, we can compare the existing work with the projected work to help ensure that construction work stays on track and on time.

Thermal Inspections

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Detect small problems before they become big problems. Thermal imaging can be used to detect air leakage or electrical problems in roofs, even animals that might be nesting where they shouldn’t be. Save time, money and liability by getting it right as soon as possible.


Bundy Drones can help improve the efficiency of your farming operation. By utilizing aerial monitoring, we can create valuable reports to assist in the areas of crop health, weed management, irrigation and more.

Cane Harvest Drone Photo

Crop Assessment

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Our NVDI (hyperspectral) camera allows for the classification of different kinds of crop or vegetation type. Every object gives off a unique hyperspectral signature. A diseased plant gives off a different signature than the equivalent healthy one. From the data that the camera collects, agronomists can measure pigment absorbance and see cellular integrity problems to identify nutrient deficiencies and pest infestation.

Spot Spraying

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Drones have the ability to scan the ground and spray the correct amount of liquid, modulating distance from the ground and spraying in real time for even coverage. This results in increased efficiency and a reduction in the amount of chemicals that can penetrate into the groundwater. In fact, experts estimate that aerial spraying can be completed up to five times faster with drones than with traditional machinery. The perfect solution for treating small areas or just spots that might be hard to reach via traditional methods.

Soil & Field Analysis

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Drones can produce precise 3-D maps for early soil analysis. The insights provided can be very useful in planning seed planting patterns. After planting, further analysis from from Drone missions will provide data for irrigation, nitrogen-level management and more.

Crop Monitoring

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Low efficiency in traditional crop monitoring, especially on larger farms are a huge barrier to efficiency. We have the ability to time-series animations that can show the precise development of a crop and reveal production deficits, enabling better crop management. Drone data is used for such things as identifying mis-planted or thin coverage areas, or assessing damage from feral animals or harsh weather events.


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By employing Drones with hyperspectral or thermal sensors, we can identify which parts of a paddock are dry or need improvements. Once the crop is growing, drones allow the calculation of the vegetation index, which describes the relative density and health of the crop, and show the heat signature, the amount of energy or heat the crop emits. This allows for more efficiency in the irrigation of crops.

SolarPanel Inspections

Our Aerial Solar Panel Inspections with Thermal imaging can identify faulty solar panels so they can be replaced before the warranty expires. We provide accurate detailed inspections. Well suited to large commercial installations and solar farms. Also great for residential roofs that are hard to access.

Solar Panels Drone Inspection


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• Quick yet detailed scans of Roof Tops and Arrays
• Identify Hot Spots to show defective cells
• Thermal Imaging displays defective panels
• Save time over manual inspections with pre-selected aerial inspections routes and geo-tagging of problem areas

Mining & Quarries

Aerial footage can be a valuable tool on Mining and Quarry sites. Improve planning, efficiency, safety and more with our Drone services.

Mine Site Drone Photo

Obtain Volume Data

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Walking stockpiles can be a thing of the past. Reduce the need to conduct field surveys by employing our Drone technology to validate them for you. We will survey your stockpile volumes quickly and accurately, providing reports that can be compared to previous surveys. These inspections can also identify areas that need attention such as uneven settlement or hazards in work areas.

Blast Planning

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By pairing our site surveys with your bench level plans, you can achieve better blast results while greatly reducing costs for blasting and drilling.

Site Progress Monitoring

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Aerial site surveys can provide geographically accurate maps and models. Overlay these with your design files to make sure your project is going according to plan. Find any discrepancies early and get your project back on track before the costs mount up.

Airspace Calculations

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We provide detailed elevation data allowing you to quickly calculate your site’s total airspace. Compare volume changes over time, identify areas suffering from uneven settlement, even information such as ground water monitoring well locations can be overlaid to give a full picture of your site infrastructure.

Improve Site Management

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After each mission. we process the data to deliver 3D terrain models. Outputs are geo-referenced and ortho-rectified, allowing for precise measurements – distance, area and slope calculations even stockpile volume analysis, sight lines or watershed runoff simulations.

Our programs make the final models visible via your internet browser so they can be easily viewed by site managers without the need for additional, costly software purchases. Site managers are able to measure points, lines, areas, profiles, volumes and more.

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial footage of commercial properties can make your listings sell faster. By utilizing Panoramas, Photos and even Video Tours, we can illustrate the perfect positioning of your commercial property to all nearby amenities.

Drone Photos for Commercial Real Estste

Panoramic Images

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Feature your commercial listing as the center of our panoramic shot. With the Drone flying above your building, we will capture a perfect 360 degrees.

Images Package

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Images only. We will provide 1 panoramic image in addition to 20 Hi-Res images of your property.

Combo Video Package

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Everything from our Images package plus 5 aerial videos.

Ultimate Package

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Our largest package. All the inclusions of the others with a professional video compiled from all the best assets from your shoot. Your branding, narration, captioning and more. The perfect way to present your listing to grab the attention of discerning buyers.

Property Management

Property Managers around the country are finding Drone inspections to be valuable tools to give much needed insights into potentially costly issues. Inspect, the building, roof, yard and more all without having to set foot on the property.

Drone Photos for Property Management

Roof Inspections

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Our drone services are the best way to inspect hard to access areas. We offer standard or thermal imagery. Great for inspecting roofs for water damage, blocked gutters, general roof conditions and more.

Property Condition

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Grab a yard condition report before a tenant moves in and compare it to the exit report when they move out. We can include the conditions of other assets on the property such as tanks, sheds, driveway and whatever else you think of.

Parking Lot Inspections

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Reduce maintenance and repair costs by by identifying damage to curbs, finding cracks and wear and fixing them before they become larger and more costly.

Marketing Solutions

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When you need to market a property for rent, it can be great to present an aerial shot of the neighborhood. Let your prospective tenants see the nearby roads, shops, parks and other desirable features with views that can only be seen from a Drone’s perspective.


Shorten your inspection turnaround times and reduce your operating costs by utilizing drones for insurance claims and roof inspections. Our licensed pilots will perform an aerial inspection and provide all the imagery required to process claims and inspections. Our services are fast, reliable, great value for money and CASA compliant.

Drones for Roof Inspections

Insurance Claims

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Our inspections provide rapid results and valuable insights. Our ability to inspect damage from a safe distance helps to lower your risk and increase your profits.


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Detect existing damage and other items and reduce liability on claims made after policy issuance.

Natural Disasters

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For prompt, reliable service, call on us. We can deploy teams rapidly to assess disaster areas and help you get jump started on claims processing.

Roof Inspections

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Aerial inspection services greatly mitigate the risk associated with traditional roof inspections. Our drone inspections allow your team to safely acquire the insights needed, without any risk of injury. We can even offer thermal inspections to detect hazards and pre-existing problems before they you would otherwise be aware of their existence. Our 3D Modeling allows us to detect, measure and annotate existing conditions and damage.


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